Having the best possible talent in your company is something you should strive for.

With that thought in mind, do you feel as if you have been doing a good job of bringing in the best and brightest folks?

If you are not sure or even said no, don’t you think now would be a good time to focus in on this matter?

What Can You Do to Make for Better Hires

In doing all you can to hire the best and have as much company success as possible, here are three keys to think about:

  1. Take time with interviews – Whether you sit in on interviews or not, it is important to take time with them. Rushing through interviews can end up being a recipe for disaster. Seeing how a prospective employee does during an interview is quite important. Not only is their experience key to the position, but so too is their personality. Making sure they are a good fit for your operation is critical at the end of the day. Listening to what they say in an interview, how they interact with others and more should all be the focus.
  2. Doing research – Are you an employer who does a fair amount of background searches? That is when considering someone for a spot in your company? Such searches can yield a treasure-trove of information about someone. You may discover a run-in or run-ins they’ve had with the law or courts. Such info could prove key to you when you consider bringing them in for an interview or even hiring them. What if their social media postings raise a red flag or two? Is that something that may lead you to consider them not to be a good fit for the company? If they have jumped around from one job to another, this can also serve as a red flag. By doing your background research, there is less of a chance you end up with the wrong person for your company.If you want to save yourself time on all the research, you can work with a recruitment agency to help you find the best candidates.
  3. Giving people reasons to work with you – Finally, how good of a job do you do in convincing people to work for you? While some folks will be happy to get any job at any company they can, others will be more selective in the process. When you offer prospects reasons to work with you, chances are you can get the cream of the crop more times than not. As an example, do you have a sales department in place? If so, do you reward your salespeople for all their hard work? One way to go about doing that is by offering commissions on sales. Those commissions can turn into some good extra money for employees. If you do offer commissions, be sure to have the right rewards system in place. One good way to go about this is by having the right sales commission software. That software will allow you to properly compensate those responsible for sales. When you do this, you tend to have happy salespeople.

In going about getting the right people in the right positions, how successful do you tend to be?


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