If you could ask any business owner what’s the one thing they wish they had more of, many people might say money. And while this is true, I would definitely wish for more time. You can’t buy it, and there is only as much as there is. Every single day is made up of only a certain number of hours, and depending on how you use them depends on how much you get done. But – what if you could work out a better system of operation that allowed you to free up your time – that allowed you to give more time to the things that mattered? The fact is that it’s possible to free up your time, whether you get more time by investing in a serviced office space (click here for more info: www.servcorp.com.au/en/serviced-offices/), or if you decide to sleep less at night. I want to explore some of the key business solutions that will help your business to free up more time in the hopes it helps your business to grow.

Take a look.

Identify low-value tasks

Take a look at all of your daily tasks and figure out which ones are easy to drop, delegate, or outsource. Once you have figured out this information it’s simply a matter of being ruthless and working through the process of slowly letting go of your time-sucking tasks. There are probably a huge number of mundane administrative tasks that can either be batched, outsourced or managed better. So, think of this as buying extra time in the day.

Off-load tasks

It can be challenging to think about off-loading some of your tasks but when you consider the pay-off for doing so (aka more time) it’s a no brainer. Some of us may get stuck on worrying about the tasks we have to do, and the tasks that we’re offloading, but ultimately it’s the best option. Most people get over these kinds of stumbling blocks pretty quickly once they see their workload free up.

Get an assistant

If you have your staff members doing admin tasks or tasks that would be better suited to an admin assistant, then get someone in for just a couple of hours each week to take the load off your staff members then consider executive assistant hiring . You’ll find that when your team’s attention is turned to their actual job roles, instead of being diluted by tasks that aren’t contributing to their overall output that their productivity will increase.

Get a serviced office

This option is a great choice for companies who are looking for the benefits of a fully decked-out office, without the hassle of having to worry about furniture, moving, utilities and the like. A serviced office is a great solution for the time-poor business who needs to be able to move and adapt as quickly as possible. Another key benefit of a serviced office is that you get a prestige address without the hassle of having to negotiate a lease. The terms are set. All you need to do is move in.

Manage your time with a planner

It helps when you’re trying to save time if you know where the time goes in the first place. A great way to manage your time better is to use a calendar or some kind of application that tracks time. Something like Harvest is a great choice, and you can monitor the time that your employees spend as well. It’s a great benefit for your company if you choose to take it on.

All the best for finding the extra time in the day. Goodness knows it would be nice to be able to buy some, but in the absence of a pact with the devil you’ll just have to use good old fashioned innovation.

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