Multi-level marketing (MLM) company’s operations involve encouraging existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying them a percent of their recruits’ sales. These new recruits are referred to as a distributor’s “downline”. MLM companies are highly specialized companies that require a merchant account that is tailored to meet their specific needs. Consider the MLM merchant account offered by high risk specialist, EMerchantBroker. There are many incredibly successful MLM companies operating in the U.S. The following list includes the top 5 companies of 2016:

  1. Forever Living

Forever Living is a health and wellness network marketing company started in 1978. It operates in over 155 countries, and boasts 9.4 million distributors worldwide. Now a multi-billion-dollar company, Forever Living manufacturers and sells hundreds of wellness and beauty products across the globe. The company controls quality and cost by owning their own aloe plantations, manufacturing and packaging plants. There products include: essential oils, beauty products, bee products, nutrition, skin care and literature, among others.

  1. Amway

Amway’s original product was first released in 1959. This Michigan-based company’s product line includes: weight management shakes, eye and lip care, household cleaners, laundry detergent, fragrances and more. Amway boasts being a family company with a global management team that supports its ever-growing number of independent distributors. Amway also has notable partnerships with companies like Sony, Microsoft, Lego and Macy’s.

  1. ACN

First launched in 1993, ACN originally served as a reseller of long distance services in the U.S. Since then, the company has grown to offer other services like high-speed internet and natural gas. The company reaches customers by bypassing traditional forms of marketing through its independent business owners. Their mission is to provide financial independence opportunities for people across the globe, while also helping them save money on services they use daily.

  1. Young Living Essential Oils

Founded in 1993 by Donald Gary Young, Young Living Essential Oils uses multi-level marketing strategies to offer health and wellness products (oils, personal health products, supplements, etc.) Young Living Essential Oils boasts one of the largest farm networks in the direct sales industry; these farms are located all over the globe, including: Oman, France, Peru, Utah, Idaho, etc. Young Living’s different starter packages make it easy for new distributors the enter the marketplace.

  1. Isagenix

Isagenix has been in business since 2002. This multi-level marketing company has generated more than $3 billion in cumulative sales and offers many health and nutrition products. The unique training program founders Jim and Kath Coover put into place has played a huge role in the company’s tremendous sales growth – 1,300 percent – in the last five years.

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