Video conferencing, sometimes referred to as video calling, is becoming a big part of business. From the small business right through large corporations, this quickly advancing technology is much different than it once was. It is no longer required that you have expensive, large-scale video conferencing equipment, and prices have come down considerably for even the most robust service providers. It’s accessible, easy to use, and in almost all cases, it can be customised to the needs of the individual business. If you haven’t made video conferencing a part of your business, here’s why you’re potentially missing out on a great service. 

Personalise Customer Support

If you have a reasonably large online presence, you should consider providing support in the form of video calling. When customers and clients can see your representative’s face, and interact with them directly, it personalises the experience and can help to reduce frustration. One of the chief complaints that many people have about their customer service experience is that they simply feel like “just another number.” Curb that by offering face-to-face video calling support. Video conferencing is also an appropriate way to:

  • Provide order guidance
  • Handle returns
  • Upsell and cross-sell
  • Handle non-confidential account management issues

Give Better Technical Support

Does your website require signups or a service? If your customers interact with your website on a regular basis, or you provide a technical support service, consider video conferencing. Offering video calling in combination with screen sharing or remote viewing can be an excellent way to boost your offerings. Google Adwords and many other businesses offer this service, and it has helped them to connect with users. It can allow you to walk customers through the processes needed to interact with the website, and it can help support reps to teach them how to handle tasks. The face-to-face guidance and screen sharing is much more thorough, allowing representatives to point out exact locations on the screen or in programs. It’s a fairly effective way of offering one-on-one support without needing an in-person meeting.

Pitch an Idea Quickly

It may not necessarily be the right approach for B2C sales, but video conferencing can be a great way to connect on a B2B level. It saves the other business time spent by scheduling meetings in person, and can be a great way to offer “right then and there” meeting options. If you’re working in tandem with another business, you can pitch ideas or hear pitches right from the comfort of your office–presentation and all. Depending on how cameras are set up, it’s even possible to view a multi-team presentation from a difference.

Interview Employees

Ramping up? If you’re a startup or are growing your business, video conferencing is an excellent way to pre-screen employees. While you’ll still want to have a face-to-face if you are hiring locally, video conferencing is a perfectly reasonable way to interview employees for remote teams or before a final testing step. It will help you to weed out the applicants whose basic abilities or personalities simply aren’t a match for the position, saving you time and potentially money down the road. Likewise, it may help you spot an excellent candidate right away before some other company snaps them up. As before, its main benefit is that you can offer it essentially instantaneously.

Structure Remote Teams

For startups and small businesses, keeping costs down is incredibly important. Creating remote teams of freelance workers can be an extremely effective way to reduce your budget, freeing up money to expand or extend your business. Depending on the nature of the work you need done, it may be possible to do it entirely from behind a computer. It may also be possible to keep employees connected during travel using the very same video calling systems; making use of apps and smartphone devices can help you to extend your company’s reach.

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