We live in a time when many people are experiencing financial hardship, and some have second or third jobs to make ends meet. Many are just grateful to have a job. On the other hand, productive and good workers are always in high demand. It’s why some employers make sure that theirs is a great place to work. They know that taking care of workers is a good idea and they do several things to express that philosophy.


Show Interest in Their Family

Whether your employee has five kids and a wife or just a kitten at home, they have those who they love and live for, and their job allows them to care for loved ones. Show interest in your employee’s family to get a better idea of what motivates them and how they spend their time away from the office.


Have Their Back

“The customer is always right” is taken with a grain of salt by some employers who have their employee’s back in the event of rude or outrageous behavior or slander. Employees who do their best want to feel that they are appreciated as people, especially by their employers. In addition to salary and monetary rewards, be sure that employees feel like you care about their dignity too.


Protect Them From Harm

Be sure employees not only have the appropriate protective gear but that you do your best to provide them with high-quality equipment as well as regularly go through the motions to check and maintain protective gear. Head to RS Solutions for welding equipment and more.


Ask About Their Hobbies

Even the best workers don’t live to work. They work hard to enjoy their lives outside of work. Inquire about the hobbies and interests of workers. It’s a great way to foster genuine, ongoing conversation and make them feel as if you see them as individuals and not cogs in a money-making machine.


Be Forthright

If the business is not doing well, and layoffs become a possibility, let your employees know. If someone is doing a poorer job than the previous quarter, be direct with them. Do your best to be transparent with how the business is producing revenue and what employees can do to get raises and bonuses. Also, don’t be passive-aggressive when it comes to employee expectations and performance.


Be a Listener

Every employer needs to interact with employees, but be sure you’re one of those who actually listens to employees. Let them know you’re engaged in the conversation and understand their concerns. Employees want to know that you have a solution, and they want to know that you understand and care about how they are feeling.


Help Them Grow Professionally

Help your employees grow by offering tuition reimbursement or by sending them to professional development seminars. Helping employees get better at what they do helps your business. It also sends a message that you’re supportive of your employees, even to the point of helping them move up in their career (which could mean leaving your business for a better opportunity).

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