Businesses of all kinds and all sizes are forced to reconsider their marketing plans on a regular basis in order to stay ahead, gain a foothold, or even gain an advantage on their competition. If they can create the kind of marketing campaign that establishes them as a major authority in the industry then their site traffic, enquires, leads and sales are likely to skyrocket and all because of the strategy that was put in place to develop the business and grow awareness.

In the past it was all about doing something extravagant or eye-catching. This may have meant blowing the whole marketing budget on a television advert or paying for someone to voice your radio ad, but in recent years we’ve seen literature – in various forms – coming to the fore.

Leaflets and newspapers have been highly effective ways of reaching out to the audience, with those already accustomed with the business able to stay abreast of the latest news and releases; while those who may not have been aware of what the company does, or that it even existed, might discover a company who can provide the same goods or services at a better deal than where they went previously. The only problem with this method is that it would involve time to deliver all of the papers and the cost of printing and the time it would take to acquire all of the email addresses to send out any newsletters via email.

In more recent times, we’ve seen the use of digital media taking over with more and more people now online and the Internet proving to be the go-to location to find everything from news and information to clothes and books. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have enabled companies to interact directly with their audience, answering questions sent in as well as asking their followers and fans to get in touch or share their views. By gaining a positive reputation and increasing their presence across the web, they were essentially getting free marketing but some industries simply don’t suit social networks…what then?

The answer, to many, is in the form of eBooks. The world is much more tech-focussed these days and by creating literature specifically designed for eReaders and tablets which can be bought online at sites like the App Store, eBooks by Sainsbury’s or Amazon; they can read the information from anywhere – the garden, the office, the train and in bed if they so wish. Content on the web has become such a major player that businesses have even started implementing specific content marketing strategies, many of which are based around informing the audience through white papers and, as mentioned, eBooks. They can be downloaded from the hosting site, which will help the company to boost traffic to the website and can also be shared over social media which will, in turn, also boost traffic to the site because again, it’s free marketing.

Companies have been able to produce eBooks quickly and easily and the fact that, as mentioned, they’re portable, has made them a must-have marketing companion. Sometimes you don’t have time to sit at your desk and read through a company website because you’re just so busy yourself, but having the ability to read the material provided while you’re travelling home or in your free time can be highly beneficial.

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