It can be hard to know how to approach a personal injury claim. It may be the case that it has not even occurred to you that you could make a claim for compensation. It is however quite likely that if someone else was at fault for your accident then you are entitled to some compensation. Here are some types of personal injury claim that you might need to discuss with your solicitor.

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Accidents at Work:

These are most often the types of claim that go unheard, largely because people are too frightened of losing their job or being bullied in the workplace because of it. You should never be frightened off in such circumstances. You simply cannot lose your job because you make a claim for personal injury and your employer is not allowed to treat you any differently because you have made a claim. It is important to speak to a solicitor who specialises in such claims and who can give you the advice that you need. Research your options regarding legal representation at websites such as the Law Society or visit professionals such as those found at for advice.

Road Traffic or Cycling Accidents:

There are many thousands of people who are involved in road traffic accidents or accidents when they are on their bikes. Many of these claims might be covered by their insurance. Always check what you are covered for under your policies. Often straight after an accident, speaking to solicitors or getting legal advice is the last thing on your mind. It is important to get advice and support as soon as you feel able to though. Having the support of experienced professionals who understand what it is that you are going through is important. Road traffic accidents are probably the most common causes of accidents and subsequent claims.

Accidents When in Public:

This is the scenario where most people do not actually realise that they could potentially make a personal injury claim. It is hard to know when you are out and about whether anyone is responsible for what has occurred. Things like trips and falls in the street are often overlooked. However, there will always be someone be it an individual, council or business who is responsible for ensuring that these things do not happen through things like lack of maintenance. Raised paving slabs or holes in the road are things that should not be there. Businesses are responsible for ensuring that their premises are safe. If you have an accident in a public place do not assume that you have no recompense and get some legal advice as to where you stand.

Basically, if you feel that someone else is at fault and could have performed actions that would have stopped your accident then you are likely to have a valid claim. It is always worth speaking to someone just to see if you should go any further with your claim. It might stop the same thing happening to someone else in the future.

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