Crafting a marketing campaign has never been as easy as it is today. The world is advancing rapidly, and there are numerous methods that marketers can use to take inspiration for their campaigns. All these methods have their own perks, but one benefit common to them all is that they guide marketers and content creators on how to proceed with their content.

Streaming videos on the Internet are being used as a growing means for marketers to showcase their own videos as well as to get influenced by what others are creating. Websites like YouTube and Vimeo have completely redefined the video experience online, allowing content creators and brands to bring forward innovative ideas in a thought provoking manner.

Many marketers can use these sites to stream content that they find relevant for research. Besides browsing the wide variety of content, they can benefit by recording it on their system. Now, many people reading this article would remind us that ‘YouTube doesn’t have a download feature for all videos’, but that shouldn’t really stop a user from having a copy of a video that they need to study closely. If you want to save an online video, Movavi Screen Recorder can be a handy tool that’s fully equipped for this purpose.

Just record streaming video online using the program, and save it for viewing later. Worry how to handle this process? Don’t worry. It’s extremely simple and easy to handle. Follow the steps below:

  1. Install Movavi Screen Recorder on Your PC or Mac

The first step in the process is to download the software on your PC. You would be able to record online videos as per our liking, only once you have downloaded the program and installed it on your PC or Mac. Visit Movavi’s website and download the installation file for Movavi Screen Recorder. Once you have downloaded the file, run it and complete the installation by following its simple instructions.

  1. Set Capture Parameters

Once you have installed the program, you can proceed with recording the videos from your preferred streaming site. Just open the webpage with the video in it and launch the program. A frame-like structure will appear along with the screen grab option. Now, extend the frame to cover the area of the video and start recording the screen. Make sure that you have the system audio feature on, for recording audio sounds while keeping the microphone option turned off. These audio selections will ensure that no external sound comes into the mix.

You can get back to doing what you want, as the video loads in the background. No need for you to wait and watch over the video while it gets recorded.

  1. Record the Live Stream

Once you have captured the video from the web page and completed the recording, you can stop the video. The recording would immediately be saved to your hard drive. You can check the video on your desktop in MKV format. You can also trim or crop the captured material and export it to any other format. The recorder would help you with video cropping and trimming with its easy to use built-in features. After this, you can save the video file in your preferred format. How cool and easy is this?

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