People who have personal injury problems generally require a lawyer at some point or the other, and when it comes to slip and fall cases, there’s no doubt you’d need one too. Slip and fall accidents are always seen as premises liability cases. They arise when an owner of a proper tends to neglect the maintenance, repair, and upkeep of the property that is in question. Many of the states have laws that require landowners to maintain their property so that it won’t cause any harm to people who visit the area. These laws can apply to both home and business owners.


Premises Liability

If you happen to be injured because a certain owner of the property or even a business establishment is not able to provide you with a safe environment, you might have to claim for several damages that are caused because of the injury. In several states, these damages also include suffering and pain, lost wages and medical expenses.


In case you are involved within a slip and fall accident, you can

  • Avoid making any statements that are detailed concerning the fault
  • Get hold of the names of owners and those who manage the property
  • Write the names of such witnesses
  • Take some pictures of injuries and scenes.
  • Save clothing as well as footwear.
  • Seek any medical help if needed
  • Not provide any statements that are recorded to adjusters.


What Are Often the Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries?


Floor contaminants- grease, food, water, debris (any place where food is consumed, whether that is a bar or a restaurant)


Drainage concerns: leaking water in public places.

Clutter- random objects along with loose cords.


Lighting- places that don’t have enough lighting such as alleys, stairwells, dwellers, and pedestrians


Uneven stairs and steps


Surface irregularities- unsecured carpeting, dents in tiles, potholes.

Weather- hazards such as rain and ice. Business owners and almost anyone who has this property will be found negligent within a slip and fall case.


What Can You Do if There is a Slip and Fall Accident?


Get hold of professional medical help and assistance

You can meet a doctor whenever there are a slip and fall accident. This is because your health comes first before anything else. Apart from that, to make sure the compensation is recovered, you will also require medical documentation.


Report the accident

The slip and fall accidents must be reported as quickly as possible to the concerned authorities. Generally, this will also include the manager or owner of the property. If you have further questions about the accidents, speaking to an attorney can work.


Speak to a lawyer

Finally, you can also speak to an expert slip and fall lawyer. They will review the unique circumstances of the case and also determine the unique circumstances of the case so that they can determine how they can protect the financial interests and legal rights. Some lawyers say that the process is complicated. But don’t worry, getting a good lawyer will save you from doing this all by yourself.


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