Big events easily overwhelm an individual, disorganizing their thoughts causing all plans to fall into shambles. It could be the large crowd, the extent of the preparation, or the expectations put on their shoulders. Any of these could cause a whole lot of panic.

Trade shows is just one of those events, especially for upstart businesses who are just trying to break into the industry. The scale, at times, can overwhelm them that even their supplier for exhibition stands for Geneva shows can lose their confidence, no matter how well they executed the booths. However, sometimes, this is just a matter of covering all the bases and knowing what you are doing in order to put yourself in a position to succeed.

So, how to avoid getting your supplier of exhibition stands for Geneva shows from being frazzled?

Again, this is can be as simple as knowing what questions to ask prior and during the event.


Keep your dirty minds to yourself.

Trade shows is a gathering of brands from all over the industry, including those who has a supplier for exhibition stands for Geneva shows, and you can easily be overlooked by interested visitors because of more established brands. That is why, you might compensate by having the largest space occupied during a show. However, this might not be as effective as you would imagine. You would be better off by getting a small space and putting in more effort in finding other ways to attract leads to you. Games, trivia, or giveaways are just examples that you can use in order to generate enough people traffic that you can call your participation a success.


You would think that getting placed beside an eye-catching booth is a good strategy. Sorry to tell you – it is not. In fact, this takes attention away from your booth that your relevance during the show is close to zero.

Experts say that you are better off staying within a close proximity of show stopping booth, close enough to benefit from the foot traffic that they generate. By being a bit further away from these stands, you get the splash from the heavy lifting that they did, generating enough foot traffic that some would look around, and might spot your own stand.


It is important to know where the trade show is being held because this helps in allocating your budget. In addition, it may determine your approach on how to deal with visitors during the show.


Thinking about what to do during the show may not be enough. You must also have a plan after; following up on a lead or an interested supplier, for example. It is vital to chase leads; otherwise, you will just become another brand at the back of their minds, especially if a competitor has gotten ahead of you.

Getting overwhelmed is only natural, especially if you are just a tiny fish in the middle of an ocean. Expectations and a large crowd could frazzle you. However, if you have planned all of it in advance, asking the relevant questions, getting overwhelmed will be a strength instead because even fear can be turned into a power if used channelled right.

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