As friends, we must take care of each other. Even if we are not related by blood, friendship is enough of a connection to form that bond. It may not be a right and it is not the responsibility of a person to keep track of other people, however, the camaraderie and overall relationship is a foundation for something that would last a lifetime.


There are also instances wherein our friends might do something wrong against us. We can forgive them, but that would depend on the seriousness of the situation and the personalities involved. A real test of friendship is not just about the good but the bad as well.


A Buddy in Need


Now, you may have a friend in jail. This might not be a common occurrence, but it can happen to anyone. It can be an entirely new but terrifying experience, especially if you have known the person for a long time. You might be thinking that he or she could have never done it.


This is where biases might come in as this page tells us. Let us remember that even if we have been with another person for a long time, you don’t really know them entirely until they let you. It might seem impossible with your way of thinking, but anything can happen. This is an understandable reaction as it is our instinct to protect the ones we love.


This can change once you have already understood the situation. You might have the most basic information regarding the case since the family might not give you anything. Researching about it won’t do you any good unless you are going to be a lawyer for your friend.


Even then, there are some rules regarding this. If you are just a commoner, then it would be best to ask your friend directly. On the other hand, they might not be open to any sharing. You can always do something else for them while they are still incarcerated.


Common Acts of Kindness

  1. Visiting or Contacting Them


This is the best thing you can ever do for your friend, but this is [probably the one that is going to help a lot. For one, it would send a message to me that you care about their well-being.


Whether they are guilty or not, it keeps their hopes up that someone is rooting for them on the other side of the bars, it would also help their mood since the prison is not a happy place. If you cannot meet them in person, you can try sending letters to them so that you can still let them feel your love and care.


  1. Be Aware Of Their Prison Life


While you are talking or interacting with them, try to ask about their situation inside. This can be a touchy subject even for you, so try to soften the blow by talking about other things first. You can always choose a topic that both would make you happy. Once you have kept the conversation going, then you can start asking about the prison life.


It doesn’t just give you an insight into their situation, but this can also protect them. If they feel so unsure about their surroundings, they can let you know. This is so that you will be aware of what is possibly going to happen to them while they are inside.


  1. Processing Their Bonds


This responsibility might fall with other family members. If they have already done it, then there is nothing you can do but wait. However, the role might land on you for some reason. Maybe you are the only family that this person has left behind. You can help them by processing the bonds.


If you are not related by blood, you might need to process the legal requirements first to prove that you are now the one handling your friend’s responsibilities. If you are having trouble, you can always visit sites like to help you out. This will be the case if your friend does not have enough money to cover for bail.


  1. Trying To Comfort Family And Other Friends


If you can, be sure to try and visit their family. One can only imagine the stress that this involves you, let alone for the people who are related to the incarcerated person. It doesn’t have to be much, visiting them every so often would mean a lot to your friend though.


They might ask you about his or her family’s situation while he or she is still locked up. It is already stressful for them not to know anything that is happening outside. The least you can do is also be there for the other people who love your friend as well.


  1. Create A Page For Awareness


There are situations wherein you might think that the arrest of your friend was unjust. The Innocence Project, a non-profit organization, believes that at least 5% of the population in prisons did not commit any crime at all. The situation is just against them, and the government and the legal entities have to find the truth. Meanwhile, you can also set up a page that can help in raising awareness for your friend’s situation.


As citizens of the civilized world, we sometimes forget that prisons are supposed to be rehabilitation sites for criminals. However, the stigma of just getting arrested is already enough for many people to lose opportunities. It is crucial to help them if they ever get free so that they can get back to society without committing any crime.


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