Unless you have sufficient evidence to support your personal injury claim, you cannot recover damages even if you are absolutely sure that someone was responsible for the accident that resulted in your injuries. Remember, personal injury lawsuits or claims are hinged on the element of negligence.

If you, the claimant cannot prove that your injuries and the related damages are directly connected to the other party’s negligence, then, the alleged reckless or negligent party can’t be held responsible. Thus, the defendant will not be required to compensate you for your damages.

People injured in an auto accident are advised to collect as many pieces of evidence as possible to support every argument they have. Some pieces of evidence might come from outside sources. Your car accident attorney in Renton can make the right arrangement to get the right evidence. Note that having access to these outside sources of evidence is among the most impactful benefits of hiring a reliable car accident attorney when pursuing your personal injury claim.

Gather evidence at the crash scene

Unless you are in a critical need of emergency medical care and need to be rushed to the nearest healthcare facility fast, you should try as much as you can to collect the right pieces of evidence. Here are some of the ways of collecting the evidence.

Take the photographs of the crash and if possible, take clear and detailed photos that show how the crash occurred. For instance, you can take photos of the skid lines on the roadway or photographs that capture the entire scene. Also, images that show the point of impact between the vehicles could be helpful when it comes to determining who was at fault.

Personal injury attorneys advise that you should also take images of your injuries such as bruises and cuts after the crash. Another important piece of evidence you should collect is the witness statements. Obtain their contact details because you may need them when building your case and assembling the evidence you need to support your claim.

A copy of the official police report regarding the car accident is also an essential piece of evidence. This report can clearly indicate whether or not dangerous driving practices such as reckless driving or speeding contributed to the accident. If possible, you should exchange the insurer details with all the other parties involved in the accident.

In addition to the evidence you get from the accident scene, you should collect evidence that shows a direct relationship between your injuries and the subsequent financial difficulties. That means medical bills and all the documents from your employer revealing how much you have lost because you couldn’t work are crucial pieces of evidence. You should also keep receipts showing other expenses related to your injuries. For instance, if you purchased over the counter medicines and got transportation assistance, the receipts showing these expenses are important pieces of evidence too.

Lastly, you may need an expert witness to strengthen your claim.


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