One fantastic thing about t-shirts is how they possess universal acceptance in that both men and women can wear them and look good. Yeah, t-shirts cool on a different occasion from sporting to casual wear. Again t-shirts are an excellent promotional gift used by movie, musical and comedy artists during marketing or awareness campaigns to appreciate their well supportive fan base and attract new people to like their genre of art. A short and straight to point the message is usually engraved on the front or back side of the t-shirts to communicate the intended ideology.

Printing-on-demand t-shirts for proves to be an exciting entrepreneurship venture. The growing demand for t-shirts form individuals, and business groups make this business venture it more lucrative. As an entrepreneur expect to face competition because the design is what matters. Since people vary in tastes and preferences, printing lovely, eye-catchy designs that communicate different moods or messages -this actually how your fans will get to cherish and trust your t-shirt brand in the long-term.

How does a print-on-demand t-shirt business model work?

In this type of model, the business owner focuses on primarily t-shirt fulfilment to fans visiting the physical store or making an online order. It works whereby the t-shirt company, in this case, provides the printing services first, then what follows is shipping the t-shirts to the respective fans by name for efficient delivery. When the customer is present at the premises, it now becomes easy to deliver the brand for checking and acceptance. To make a customized t-shirt, you should carefully check on all details stated in the order information by each of your fans – this helps not to miss anything in the specific design and colors. Remember that your store needs some artwork depending on your choice and level of demand levels from the fans.

So are you ready to print on demand t-shirts direct to your fans then here are popular methods that should come hand in hand in your printing business?

  1. Screen Printing method

Screen printing is a favorite technique that you can make use of for printing on-demand t=shirts. It’s advantageous as provides durable and long lasting tees – your fans will complement this! Also, it is cost effective than printing on bulk batches. However, it may be a bit expensive you want to print complex designs that involve more than four colors since each color will increase costs and the printing time.

  1. Direct to Garment

Popularly called the DTG, it directly prints ink onto the t-shirt to give you full colored imagery and precision. If quality is what you want, then DTG is the ideal choice for you! Flexible for both small and bulk order and needs no setting up procedure like the screen printer thus save on production time.


These great methods will get your fans to happier, enjoy wearing the tees, refer their close friends. Also, with fulfilling quality t-shirts designs, then repeat sales are what you will be experiencing from a day in day out!

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