Across the world, there are around 140 million orphans. Tragically, these youngsters, who don’t have mothers or fathers to look after them, can face a whole range of difficulties, from loneliness to a lack of food and shelter. Some are forced to wander the streets and many struggle to get the educations they need in order to fulfil their potential and create a brighter future for themselves.


To help improve the plight of these children, charities around the globe are running projects to provide them with safe homes, schooling, healthcare and the other resources they need to survive and flourish.


Human Appeal and the Jerusalem Orphan Welfare Centre

One of these organisations is Human Appeal. The Greater Manchester-based non-profit is doing vital work to assist orphans in many parts of the world – including Jerusalem. In what is described by the charity as a “first of its kind” initiative in the city, it is aiming to provide shelter and education to thousands of orphans.


Human Appeal is building the Jerusalem Orphan Welfare Centre, which will give accommodation to 60 youngsters. The centre will also offer a school that has the capacity to educate 200 pupils and a welfare centre that will provide a variety of essential services and activities that benefit 6,000 youngsters and their guardians. Children at the centre will get nutritious meals every day and they will receive help from qualified teachers and volunteers.

According to the charity, once the building is completed, it will provide a model that can be replicated in other locations.


What you can do to help

Of course, Human Appeal can’t continue its pioneering work in Jerusalem and elsewhere without the support of people like you. If you’re keen to do your bit to help the charity fund its orphanage in Jerusalem, or any of its other projects, there are a number of things you can do. For example, you can make donations through the charity’s website. If you do this, you can decide whether to give a one-off contribution or set up regular payments. Even if you can only afford to donate a small amount, you’ll be making a big difference to youngsters in need.


You can also volunteer for the charity by helping out at its fundraising events, planning your own activities to generate money, doing collections at local institutions such as schools and universities or promoting the organisation online. It’s also worth seeing if any Human Appeal events are taking place near you that you’d like to attend.

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