Microsoft Excel is one of the world’s most popular and heavily used programs, with everyone from students to multi-million-dollar businesses making important decisions based on spreadsheets. In fact, up to 70% of large businesses always use spreadsheets for key financial decisions.

Despite spreadsheets being a crucial factor in everything from school homework to billion-dollar decisions, one-third of financial decision-makers using spreadsheets are given no formal training, and most people using Excel are ‘self-taught’.

So, given the importance of being able to produce accurate spreadsheets, how you can make sure you’re making the most of the software? How can you Excel at Excel? To help turn you into a spreadsheet specialist, we’ve put together a list of useful resources to help you up your Excel game:

  1. Microsoft Video Training

Microsoft offers a huge suite of workbooks, lessons, videos and articles aimed at helping you learn all the features and function of Microsoft Excel, from the basics right through to more advanced features. You can visit their Video Training series here.

  1. Excel at Excel Infographic

This beautiful and incredibly useful infographic from Microsoft training specialists STL features several incredibly useful tips and tricks for Excel, and it is designed in a way that makes it super easy to follow and understand. The company also has several other useful infographics on their site, just head to the resources section to find more.

  1. Office Support Tips and Tricks for Excel

The official Microsoft Support platform is extremely useful if you have a problem with your software, but they also host a lot of educational content aimed at helping you get the most out of their programs. The site is full of useful content for all Microsoft products, but their tips and tricks for Excel page is particularly useful if you want to improve your spreadsheets.

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