In the current age of information, your credit card information is always at the risk for theft. While there are so many people who have become prey to identity theft which have led to loss of huge amount of money from their bank account. However, now with the advancements in technology, we are fortunate enough to note that credit card fraud can be avoided if you’re aware of the steps that you need to take. Scammers are everywhere watching out for your credit card information and hence you have to be on guard for the scammers who might try to trick you into giving your credit card details.

These days, most companies and small business organizations should try to accept credit cards with chips so that there are less chances of surrendering credit card information without notice. Here are few ways in which you can protect your cards.

#1: Maintain safety when it comes to credit cards

One of the easiest ways in which you can avert credit card fraud is by protecting them from thieves. When you tuck in your credit cards inside your wallet, make sure you they are safe inside and that noone can snatch it away from you. Women should ensure their purse is zipped properly. Also remember to carry just one credit or debit card which you will be using that day. All your remaining cards should be kept at home.

#2: Shred any paper which has your card number written

Don’t toss any of your vital credit card bills into the trash can as there are scammers waiting behind you who will later on pick up those documents and use it. Make sure shred them to small pieces so that they don’t get to see the card number or the account number even if they take the pain of assembling them together.

#3: Blank credit card receipts shouldn’t be signed on

Make sure you verify the credit card receipt before you place your signature on it. In case you get a receipt which has blank spaces in it, write $0 in them or draw a line through them so that the amount can’t be tampered. Whenever you have credit card receipts, make sure you don’t sign them if they’re blank.

#4: Be safe while using credit card online

Don’t click on the email links even though you may receive it from someone known. Even though you may feel that the mail looks legitimate enough, you should still avoid falling into such scams. Such links are phishing scams and the scammers will initially trick you so that you feed in your login information on their website. Move on directly to the website of the business to login to your account.

Experts always recommend people to be aware of the websites where they use their credit card information. Just as there are companies which offer EMV chip cards like SumUp for ensuring 100% safety, you should also take a step ahead in order to protect yourself from credit card scam.

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