Printing is still a huge part of any business today. Although it seems like everything is already digitised, some documents still need to be printed and kept in files. There are also items that really have to be printed for advertising purposes like brochures, flyers, and posters.

If your business uses printers all the time, why don’t you go for printer leasing in Oxford? There are a lot of arguments for leasing printers instead of buying them.

You won’t have to pay for repairs

If you are under a contract with a company that leased the item to you, they will be responsible for it. This includes the repairs. As soon as a problem arises, you can call them, and they will send someone to fix it for you. There is no need to spend money for repairs all the time unlike when your business owns the printer.

You can change the printer after the contract is finished

Printer models are released all the time. You might not know it because printers are not like smartphones. However, when you get the latest printer models, you also get better quality results. Therefore, you need to change the printer every now and then if you want to improve the output. If your business owns the printer, this is impractical. On the other hand, if it is leased, you just have to wait until the contract is done, before changing to a new model.

Determine the best contract

Aside from paying for leasing the printer, you can also ask them to provide you with everything else. They will calculate the total expenses based on how much toner or ink you have used and the volume of paper consumed for printing. Another option to save more money is just rent the hardware and pay for everything else. You can control what type of paper to use and how much ink to use as well. You can also replace them anytime you want and not wait for the partner company to provide the supplies for you.

Take a look at the printer models that are up for lease. You will surely appreciate them given the need in your office right now. Just be careful not to take out a long-term lease especially if you are only using the device for a very short time. On the other hand, if you know that the printer will be useful for quite some time, get a longer-term contract and save more money. You might also consider buying if you think that there is a model that you can use for a really long time. Just look at how much you will spend and what you will get in return.


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