There are a number of key issues that any organisation must consider in relation to their workforce. From having the right insurance in place to looking after their safety, your staff need to be treated correctly when they come into work. One major area that all businesses must focus on is having a policy around drug or alcohol misuse when employees are reporting in for the day. Many companies have such a policy in place now, and testing for illicit substances is a key factor in this.

Why is drug and alcohol testing so important?

Why does making the effort to implement alcohol and drug testing in your workplace make perfect sense? Here are a few reasons:

  • Safety – probably one of the main reasons to test staff in this way is to keep everyone on your premises safe. By taking steps to make sure that any individuals who may come into work while misusing drugs or alcohol are identified and dealt with, you are eliminating the risk of them causing an accident or injury to others. Of course, this is also essential for any jobs such as driving a train or bus where you have to find ways to protect the public in the outside world. Making sure that no one is operating any kind of machinery or vehicle while misusing alcohol or drugs is vital.

  • Happy workforce – testing staff for drugs or alcohol in your workplace will ensure that your team remains happy and tight-knit. Many people who may misuse these substances can often become anti-social or disruptive, which is bad for your business. Taking steps to make sure that you do not have anyone on your payroll in this situation is therefore key.

  • Hard facts another great reason to actually test staff in a controlled and factual way is the hard data that it gives you. Once the results come back from the laboratory, you have unquestionable facts to act on rather than guesswork or gossip. This is especially important if you have to go to court when someone is complaining about being dismissed or disciplined. Using professional drug testing services is the best way by far to achieve this.

  • Increased productivity many work hours and days are lost due to substance misuse. Whether it is days off sick due to a hangover or workers not actually working as hard as they could due to being intoxicated, productivity can really take a hit at times. By testing for drugs or alcohol, you are making sure that this does not happen to your company.

Drug testing makes business sense

If you run your own business or are in a senior managerial position at someone else’s, then drug and alcohol testing for staff is worth considering. Not only does it offer all the above benefits, but it will also help to future-proof your organisation with productive, professional employees. The first step is being able to detect those who may be misusing alcohol or drugs, and testing is the only way to do that.

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