The world of modern business is a fast-paced, unforgiving one, but many young entrepreneurs wouldn’t have it any other way. While many sectors still rely on the expertise and experience of the older generations, there can be little denying that the current wave of entrepreneurship features some pretty bold and revolutionary ideas. Times and trends change, and this new generation of entrepreneurs has everything covered. So, how has this new generation earned the skills it needs?

Technology at their fingertips

So many fresh, young entrepreneurs are beginning their careers online. From daring YouTubers and creative Etsy sellers to the Instagramers using their art to fund lavish lifestyles, the internet provides a fantastic platform for following, sharing and developing ideas – as well as providing an easy means of communication between mentors, their mentees and those who might be interested in a particular product or service. Technology doesn’t stop there; its many twists and turns inspire modern entrepreneurs, and have made it far easier for young people to turn their dreams into reality.

The social generation

The modern business world is smaller than ever, thanks – in the most part – to improved communication. This new generation of entrepreneurs thinks nothing of sending messages into the night, producing online events and discussion forums, and creating vast networks of contacts and followers. Social media has enabled the rise of the next generation of entrepreneurs and has empowered young people to share their ideas more widely than ever. Social media has also become a wonderful platform for consumers. They are able to communicate with, and purchase from entrepreneurs, regardless of where they are – no wonder business is booming.

A first-class education

Education is playing a large role in the experiences and successes of modern entrepreneurs. Business brains have long relied on education and upon qualifications in order to get ahead. However, modern schooling is breathing new life into the way that entrepreneurs approach each challenge. Diversity, networking, flexible learning and access to new resources form the basis of entrepreneurs’ education, and establishments such as the London School of Business and Finance are turning out entrepreneurs who are ready for the world. With undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and distance learning conducted online, the LSBF can ensure that no young person is ill-equipped for business.

The definition of modern business

It is important to note that this new generation of entrepreneurs doesn’t just have the skills for modern business; it has come to define the stage upon which deals are brokered and ideas are shared. Although some traditional practices remain, the business world has had to adapt to the changes that are being introduced across the sector. Technology, education, innovation and a drive for success are paving the way for entrepreneurs to do even bigger and better things. You need only look at some of 2018’s boldest and most innovative trends to see how far we’ve come.

There can be little doubt that this new wave of entrepreneurs has caused a shift in business; enabled by technology and social platforms business models are more open and engaging than ever, with the scope for marketing opportunities altered irrevocably. We are lucky to live in a world where old ideas and new strategies can come together seamlessly. This new generation of entrepreneurs can be inspired by the past and learn from its mistakes, while using new technology and interactions to forge important and invaluable relationships. We are equipping the next generation of forward-thinkers and leaders; the business world has never been so exciting.

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