Everyone wants to master the art of trading. But very few people have the skills to make a regular profit in this market. Most of the retail traders fail to find reliable trade signals since they don’t have the basic skills. They jump into the trading industry without doing the proper data analysis and loses a significant portion of their trading capital. But if you want to survive in the Forex market, you must learn to take the trades with strong discipline. It will be only possible when you take your trades after knowing the basics.

To make things easier, we are going to discuss some of the basic factors in the currency trading market. After going through this article, you will know how forex trading works. So, without any delay, let’s jump into the details.

The trend in the market

The market always moves in a specific pattern. If you closely overserve the price movement of a trading instrument, you will notice that the market is either going up or down. But ask the professional traders about the phases of the price movement. They will add other phases to the price movement. At times, the market doesn’t move up or down rather it stays confident in a specific range. This is called the ranging market. As a trader, you should have strong knowledge about these three phases and only then you can find good trade signals.

Support and resistance

People often take their trades without having a clear concept of support and resistance level. A support level is such a zone that gives us the buying opportunity. On the contrary, a resistance level gives us the selling opportunity. Once you learn to find the critical support and resistance, you will know how Forex trading works. Some traders often try to find the support and resistance level in the lower time frame. But increases the risk of errors and the traders usually fail to find reliable trade signals. So, when you look for the support and resistance level, we strongly recommend that you focus on the higher time frame data.

Chart pattern

Chart pattern gives the retail traders powerful indication about the price movement. If you evaluate the price pattern in a structured way, you should be able to secure big profits. Most of the time, the rookies don’t have any knowledge about the chart pattern trading strategy. They are so much biased with the indicators that they hardly find any reliable trade signals. To eliminate the problems, we strongly recommend that you learn to trade with the major chart patterns in the demo account. Once you become good at analyzing the major chart pattern, you can easily secure decent trade signals.

Risk management technique

Traders are losing money frequently due to their poor risk management techniques. If really want to become a skilled trader in the Forex market, we strongly recommend that you learn about the risk management technique. You should not risk more than 2% of the account balance even though you might spot golden trade signals. Once you become good at analyzing the market dynamics, you will often become overconfident. But you must learn to control your emotions. No one can say what will happen to this market. So, always trade this market in a conservative way and use a protective stop loss.

News analysis

Being a currency trader, you should have the skills to analyze the news. Learn about the economic calendar so that you can stay on the sideline during the major news release. As you become skilled in doing the proper news analysis, you may start focusing on the important market details. Try to blend technical and fundamental factors so that you can spot the best trade signals. But do not forget to trade the market with managed risk. Unless you do that, you might blow up the trading account.


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