Whether you’re running a small team of marketers or an armada of trained experts, adding targets and introducing a bit of competition to the marketing workflow can greatly improve performance. Your marketing force – and each team member – needs to be motivated to work at their best. Gamification is a good way of building that kind of competition without hurting productivity or introducing a negative environment to the team.

Gamification is the introduction or gameplay elements to everyday activities. Normally, gamification is introduced to the customers’ side to encourage engagement. In this case, however, we are going to take a look at how to add gamification to your strategy in an effort to motivate the marketing team and introduce a bit of competition.


Live Updates and Game Elements

The simplest way to introduce gamification to your marketing team is to present them with live updates. When every team member can see everyone else’s progress in real-time, you can almost immediately feel an aura of competition appearing. All you have to do is keep the competition fun and positive for the company.

For instance, you can display a live update of everyone’s sales targets on an LCD screen in the marketing department’s office. Since everyone can see how close they are to hitting their personal targets, the simple live feed will act as an added sales motivation to the entire team.

The same concept can be applied to teams as well. Instead of motivating individuals, you can use gamification to push each marketing team further.

Match Rewards with Achievements

Introduce levels and provide rewards for achieving each goal. Instead of pushing marketing officers to pursue one large target, it is much more effective to assign different levels of achievements with rewards attached to them. When the main target is $500,000 in sales, for instance, rewarding the person who can reach Level 1 (let’s say $50,000 in sales) will motivate them to hit the next levels more.

As the rewards for higher levels get bigger, the motivation they bring will also grow. There is a sense of pride in hitting the next level too. The combination is what makes gamification in marketing very effective in the first place.

Create a Level Playing Field

More importantly, everyone in the marketing team needs to know that they have the same chance of hitting their targets and gaining rewards in return. Use positive encouragement more than punishments. Give rewards to team members that help others achieve their goals. You can keep the competition healthy this way.

Gamification, as the name suggests, turns a serious task into a game everyone loves to play. Introduce new challenges, let team members win rewards and motivate them to achieve more both as a person and as a team.

It may be an unconventional marketing strategy, but it has been implemented to motivate customers and increase engagement level. There is no doubt that gamification, when implemented properly, can also help motivate sales and marketing teams to achieve greatness. You’ll be surprised to find out just how effective it can be once you get the ball rolling.

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