Arrested and charged with DUI/OWI doesn’t only happen to corrupt people. For few, this is the first time that they have ever been in trouble with kind of charge. Sorry to say, the punishment, penalty and sentence for first-time DUI offense are quite severe and strict. If you have freshly charged with drunk driving, your first call should be to an expert DUI lawyer.

In Michigan, the legal limit for driving with alcohol, those are over the age of 21 is .08 percent. If your blood content alcohol, or BAC, which is over the legal limit, you will be charged with drunk driving. You may be charged if office believes that your ability to driver is lessened by use of alcohol (OWI) or may be noticed by another person (OWVI).Without justifying the circumstances, DUI offense is classified as misdemeanor. Possibility of 93 days sentence in jail is imminent, although first-time lawbreakers will not spend much time in jail. In some courts, Judges gives jail to the first-timer lawbreakers but experience DUI lawyer such as East Lansing DUI Lawyer will help you at every step. DUI charges can change your life negatively for year if you don’t get the aid from reliable lawyer.

Prosecutor can use any evidence against you so it’s important to know about them and how effectively they can be getting to the point of charging you with. So to improve your situation in court and before prosecutor, East Lansing DUI lawyers will fight for you at every step of the case and help you in investigation of legality of police`s conduct in stopping you vehicle. The constitutionality of statements you made with evaluation of tests to determining blood alcohol content all will be checked by our expert lawyers. You may pay extreme fines when charged with OWVI and if you are charged with OWI just because you are OUIL or BAC, then you have to more even more in fines.

Along with other cities including Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids, East Lansing Police Department leads the state. There is less population in larger cities of state among large student population. Students are usually charge and it’s understandable that East Lansing would have more arrests then non-college towns even Ann Arbor comes near to the amount of DUI arrests.

Penalties and Fines for drunk driving in Michigan:

Here is a general overview of the Michigan drunk driving penalties and fines, but if you need clarification, call one of our experienced Michigan criminal attorneys who know the ins and outs of Michigan drunk driving law.  It’s vital for you that you are aware of the penalties and your legal options.

1st offense for Drunk Driving:

This level of charge is for misdemeanor and usually result in suspend of license up to six months and fine in between $100 – $500 along with chances of 93 days in jail sentenced. Depends upon the carefulness of judge, first-time law breakers might have to serve 360 hours of community service, ignition interlock device installed in your card or your vehicle can be immobilized for 180 days. Six points will be added to you driving license and it will be suspended for 30days or will be restricted for total of 150 days.

2nd offense for Drunk Driving:

This level of charge is also for misdemeanor and usually result in suspend of license for one full year minimum. Associated fine can be between $200 up to $1000. Over the top of this fee driver also charged with driver responsibility fee which is $1000 added. Your plates will be immediately taken with six points added and jail can be from 5 days to full year. Depends upon judge`s decision, you could face 30-90 days of community service, also ignition interlock device being installed in your car and immobilization of vehicle for 90-180 days.

3rd offense for Drunk Driving:

A third offense charges are much more serious than the previous 2 charges. The third charge is classed as a felony and lawbreaking. Minimum one year of driving license will be suspended and jail time for 3rd offence is one to five years. Just like 2nd offense, six points will be added and number plates will be taken away. Judge can order 60-180 days of community service, ignition locking device and vehicle immobilization for 1-3 year are the part of 3rd offense charges.

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