There are lots of ways for you to be able to donate to a worthy cause by using the internet. You can do things through existing charities, or you can even set up your own. There are also numerous methods of making payments to charities. Remember that anything you give will go to a worthy cause and will help people in need. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to give online.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor advised funds are becoming increasingly popular. This is because more and more people are weary of private foundations, as they don’t really know whether their money is going to the intended goal. Through donor advised funds, your money will be managed for you and actually sent to the things that matter to you.

Setting up a Private or Family Foundation

You can also donate to family foundations or even set up your own. Some are really well-known, like the Rockefeller Foundation. Others are very small and set up because something has happened to a friend or relative and they simply want to raise awareness. If there is something you personally care about, you can set up a foundation so that it matches your personal values.

Join a Giving Circle

Giving circles are just like the old book clubs we all used to be members of. These are now all available online as well. Basically, it means that you pool your money with a group of other people, so that the impact of the final donation is potentially bigger – so long as you all agree on who to give it to.

Find Intermediaries

If you want to make sure your money goes to a very specific issue, such as a geographical area, you could look online for intermediaries. They focus specifically on the issues that matter to you. You will therefore know that when you donate to them, your money will go to the right cause.

Click on the Donate Now Button

All charity websites now have some sort of “donate now” button. Some of those are linked to PayPal, which is a very safe way of transferring money online. Others ask you to set up a standing order through your bank account, so that money is transferred once a month. Others still accept single payments, through your bank account or credit card.

Online giving in this manner is very popular among young people in particular, who are living in a digital age. They often combine the above methods to create something that really matters to them. Some examples include micro-loans, which are given to people on a global level. Best of all, they don’t even need to get up off their couch to take part in this.

Donate Things, not Money

You can also use the internet to donate other things, including objects and time. Why not give your old clothing away and arrange for collection online? Or maybe you can sign up to be a volunteer for instance.

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