Running an online marketing campaign seems simple. You invest some money and you get people to your site. Then, sales increase, right? WRONG! The truth is most business sites out there are not actually ready for a digital marketing campaign. Countless potential sales are lost and conversions are a lot lower than what they could be simply because there are some things that are not present or that are built wrong.

Thankfully, optimizing your business site for a successful digital marketing campaign is not as complicated as you might think. When you look at most US based companies you see that their sites are not ready. Making the following small changes will help you get ahead of the competition, which is surely what you want right now.

Carefully Crafted Call To Actions

Through digital marketing you drive traffic to landing pages. However, most sites out there do not have an actual landing page. Instead of simply driving traffic to the main URL and thinking that this will do the trick, build a specific page that will act as a lead generation tool. This is important as you carefully customize call to actions and everything else on the page with the purpose of offering exactly what visitors expect.

One of the biggest problems with digital marketing is a complete lack of CTAs. Make sure this does not happen. Then, take it one step further and just experiment with the different CTAs you have on the web pages you promote.

Standout Contact Information

Not all people that land on your landing pages will be inclined to perform the action that you want. In so many cases the visitors would like to get more information or would simply want to be sure that there is a real company behind the site. This is where the contact information steps in and works well in converting potential leads.

Any business website needs to present contact information, with the most important data preferably being present on every single page. Is the license number important for your niche? This is what you need to present! Do people often want to ask questions? How about highlighting a contact phone number? Always be sure that contact information is clearly visible or really easy to access.

Simplifying Forms

It does not matter what you use online forms for. There is a huge possibility that they are way too complex. People do not like sharing personal information about themselves and do not want to spend too much time adding data in forms, no matter what they want.

The norm in modern marketing is to simplify forms used for all purposes. For instance, if the goal is to build a mailing list, asking just for the email address and a name is often done. Many marketers even go one step further and simply ask for the email address. Also, if you use ecommerce and you need people to create an account, make this simple through just email information at the initial phase as opposed to having to enter all details for the creation of an account.

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