If you’ve decided to go at it alone or even set up your own small business up, you may be considering the idea of investing in an office space. Working from home has its benefits, but an office can provide a level of professionalism that a home study will never be able to match. Not only will it give you a designated work space for you and any employees to enjoy, but your clients will appreciate being able to attend meetings in a space conductive for business.


Your first concern should be your budget. Determining how much of a budget you have will help you to determine which locations are within your financial remit, as well as how much you will have to spend on kitting your office out. Some offices come let with existing equipment, such as computers. If possible, try to create a financial plan for at least 6 months in advance. This will help you to figure out whether you can afford an office space.


After determining the size of your budget, you should consider the potential location of your office. The more accessible it is, the better. You may wish to consider the benefits of renting space in a large building, as these usually offer more in the ways of amenities and are usually situated either in the centre of urban areas or within a town or city’s business district.


Forbes refers to the practicalities of arranging an office space as ‘pimping the workplace’. In this, they’re pretty much on the mark. Your office may well end up being where you and your employees spend the majority of the working day, so the nicer a space it is the happier you will feel to be there. Pay as much attention as you can to every little detail, from Barrier Components Limited door handles to the arrangement of desks. Your company branding and personality should shine through in every instance, so make sure to include it in your artwork and office accessories, such as mugs.

Legal Requirements

Every workplace must adhere to a strict set of legal regulations that govern almost every aspect of an office space, from the number of people who can work in a space to your right to alter the space to suit your purposes. These regulations also govern important things such as fire safety and emergency procedures. Once you’ve settled on an office location, make sure to obtain as much information as you can about your legal responsibilities as business owner.

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