It’s not often that a showroom floor gets as many plaudits as the new cars that stand upon it. But that’s exactly the case at the Beijing location that houses the brand new BMW Brilliance ZINORO 1E.


The showroom, which is located in the Sanlitum SOHO complex, has been developed by Pan Shiyi, a Chinese property tycoon. The German-Sino joint venture BMW Brilliance recently unveiled the showroom where its pioneering ZINORO 1E will be displayed. The electric powered vehicle has been designed as the company’s first e-mobility concept, and it’s hoped that it will help to raise understanding and awareness of the importance of electric vehicles as China continues to grow.


But that’s not the only green component of the showroom. In fact, the site has been lauded as a place where international fashion meets Chinese culture, and is created from sustainable sources, perhaps the highlight of which is the stunning floor.


The surface, which covers almost 200 square metres, comprises of a striking tricolor of Flowcrete China sparkling epoxy terrazzo flooring called Mondeco Crystal, as chosen by the project architect.


But as beautiful as it appears now the showroom is open, the installation of the surface did present a number of difficulties during the three weeks in which it took to apply. One such difficulty encountered by the team was the drop in temperature, which can affect resin floor coatings that are being applied in-situ. With weather conditions unavoidable, it can be difficult to maintain the room temperature at which resins cure most effectively.

Whilst the curing speed of epoxy slows in cold conditions, it can be difficult to work with due to becoming stiff. However, Mondeco Crystal has been formulated especially to work against such issues, and offers a highly desirable outcome by being workable to the point where there is no danger of imperfections or damage in the surface upon completion.

The terrazzo based industrial flooring substance was applied on top of a newly laid layer of concrete which provided a high amount of moisture, and Flowcrete China also applied a layer of Hydraseal DPM, their water-free moisture tolerant primer to prevent the entrapment of moisture ahead of the Mondeco’s laying.

Mondeco Crystal itself is popular for its decorative finish, which is achieved through its mix of clear glass chippings and mother-of-pearl that is diamond-ground to obtain the silky smooth glistening textrue. It is heavily used in many retail showrooms because of its impressive finish. Recent flagship stores in China that have used a Mondeco surface include Alexander McQueen and Emilio Pucci.


As well as a beautiful and visually stunning finish, there are also numerous environmental benefits of Mondeco Crystal, particularly given that it is produced mainly from recycled and natural materials. It is also an energy-saving surface which is easily maintained and, when cared for correctly, can last for up to 20 years.

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