Without a shadow of a doubt, blogging is one of the best ways to build a successful blog and grow your business online but a number of people are still confused about guest blogging and whether or not they should do it. Well, in short, you should be doing it because, if done correctly, the benefits are endless.

We’ve got 4 reasons why guest posting is something you should do and the benefits of doing guest posting properly. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck in and start the post with one of the most important reasons why you should be doing guest posting.

  1. Exposure

High-quality, informative content is now more important than ever as readers are getting the majority of their news and information online instead of watching TV and the news or even newspapers. Naturally this means that there’s millions and millions of new pieces of content being published on the internet each day and the more websites you or your business are mentioned on, the better from both a human perspective and a search engine perspective.

In the advertising world, a company knows that a potential customer needs to be exposed to an ad multiple times before they begin to have positive feelings toward a particular product or brand and the same could be said for the online presence of a company and it’s individuals. Authors who have guest posts published on a wide variety of websites get more exposure and as a result, they get more opportunities to craft a positive association in their reader’s minds.

  1. Authority

If you’re new to a certain sector or industry, it’ll take you a while to start to grow/develop your authority and to become respected in your specific niche. Guest posting can help you to grow your authority inside your industry within a matter of months.

This is mainly due to increased exposure which helps you to become associated with top influencers and the more people see your name cropping up on the websites that they regularly visit to read, the more they’ll start giving you and perhaps more importantly your brand their respect.

  1. Targeted and Quality Traffic

Again, if you do this right, you can hugely benefit from receiving relevant, targeted traffic to your site. The general rule of thumb when you write a guest post for another blog is that you will receive some form of reference or link back to your site. If you’ve written some informative content for a relevant site, you’ll find that the readers from that site will be more likely to click through to your site from the content.

  1. Backlinks

Another big benefit of guest posting is that you get a link back to your site in the post, or more often than not you do. If you’re writing about SEO services for example, you may choose to link back to your site using one of your main target keywords or a branded keyword, depending on what your goals/targets are. This will help you in a number of different ways including growing the backlink profile of your website which in turn will increase your authority and that could lead to you ranking higher in the search engines for your chosen keywords.

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