If you own a restaurant, you will already know just how many services you need to use in order to ensure the smooth running of the business, and your kitchen is where it all happens. Depending, of course, on the size of your business, the kitchen would be appropriate in size and design, and with an excellent team in the kitchen, you have the foundations for success. If you are not in the retail food trade, but would like to know more about the inner workings of such a business, here are just a few of the essential, third party services they would need.

Kitchen Cleaning

The very strict health and hygiene laws ensure that the kitchen is thoroughly cleaned periodically, and this is over and above the daily clean. Typically, there would be a kitchen cleaning company who would come in during the night and clean all the canopies and extraction units, and this might be done every 2 or 3 months, depending on how busy the kitchen is.


Freezers and fridges are absolutely essential and, like most things, they require regular maintenance in order to run efficiently. If, for example, you were looking for refrigerator & freezer servicing & repairs in the UK, simply use your local online directory, which will bring up a list of potential companies. In order to able to put out a wide and varied menu, you would need a lot of freezer space, and with careful planning, you will always have an adequate supply of everything on the menu, and a little extra.

24/7 Use of Refrigeration Appliances

These appliances differ from the cooking facilities, as they are working round the clock, with no rest periods, and the only way that can happen, is by scheduling regular kitchen maintenance. There are companies that are dedicated to maintaining all kitchen equipment, and due to the nature of the work, they are expected to perform these tasks outside of regular working hours. Every commercial kitchen should have this service, as any breakdown in the kitchen can be disastrous, and by servicing during the night time, the appliances can be maintained without interruption.

Food Suppliers

Having adequate freezer space always gives you a cushion, but deliveries need to be made when necessary and the Kitchen manager would be the one who plans the purchasing, making sure the kitchen never runs out of anything. The competition is fierce, and using your local online directory, you would be able to source one or two suppliers which would have everything covered.

Linen and Accessories

Tablecloths, staff uniforms, napkins, and many other linen items need to be supplied. Typically, the restaurant would not own the linen, rather the laundry company would supply them and rotate to ensure you always have adequate clean linen to run your business. The successful eatery would outsource practically everything, which leaves the staff to focus on creating the perfect dining experience.

Waste Removal

A large commercial food outlet would have a tremendous amount of waste, with left-over food making up a major part of that. Even with the best planning, it does happen that something has passed its sell by date, and in that case it must be removed from the kitchen. Most kitchens would have an arrangement with a local pig farmer, who would come on a daily basis to collect all food waste and this provides sustenance for animals, so nothing is actually wasted. Other waste would typically be included in the general rubbish that we throw away at home, and with responsible recycling, we are being eco-friendly. Bottles, cans and other items could be stored and eventually a recycling company would come and you would also make a little money on the transaction.


If it is a large business, there would be a level of staff turnover, and rather than having to advertise and interview, you would use a recruitment agency. This would cover sickness and annual holidays, and they can even supply temp staff for the seasonal surges, which can be a lifesaver. Of course, one would heavily rely on the outlet manager, who would oversee the entire operation, and with the right services at their disposal, it is possible to maintain a high level of efficiency throughout the business. Here is some information about the benefits of outsourcing HR that highlights the many advantages this brings to any business.

Service is Everything

If the food is good, then your service will determine your success as a dining establishment, and of course, you would need to create the right ambience, as this in an integral component in the dining experience. Good table service is a fine line, with someone attentive but not in a position where the customer notices their presence. A mere gesture should be enough to activate the service, which is always given with a smile. Sourcing employees with the right personality can be a challenge for any manager, and with the right recruitment agency, you will soon be fully staffed, and with a little on-site training, they will soon hone their skills.

Décor Changes

This can be a very effective way to maintain a healthy client base, and by using the right fitout company, any concept can easily be achieved. Just as shampoo manufacturers are constantly changing the shape and form of their bottles, a restaurant must also alter the ambience from time to time. If the business has a chain of outlets, then they would already have a set colour combination, and probably a concept, and any changes would have to be implemented across the chain. Design experts can help you get the right ambience, and with efficiency at the forefront of the layout, your customers will really enjoy the dining experience.

A medium to large commercial food outlet can only exist thanks to the army of essential services that work in the background to ensure the smooth running of the business. The manager would have the ability to call in any emergency help, and with regular maintenance of all the appliances, the business is fully equipped to deal with even the busiest of days.

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