We have come a long way on transport technology. It started with the animals; donkeys and horses before we invented the wheel, the diesel engine and the rest is history. However, it seems we are only getting started, transport into the future will be super-fast, cheap, energy efficient, and safe. Here are futuristic travel options for Calif residents that may be seen in the CA Visitor’s Guide one day.

The Hyperloop

If you thought the bullet train was fast, you would be amazed by Hyperloop speed. It is a super-fast tube train concept being developed by Elon Musk. The same manufacturer who has had success in electric cars. According to Elon, the train will rely on linear induction technology. Using air compressors and motors to transport you on magnetically levitating pods that could reach speed of more than 700 miles per hour. This means that you will take approximately 3.3 hours to travel from California to Washington D.C, 2,302 miles. His company, Hyperloop One, has started tests on the technology. It expects that in future it will be able to transport you from any city in the United States to another in less than five hours.

Flying cars

It may be a matter of time before we could own flying cars, which will transport us from one place to the other. A Boston-based company called Terrafugia has been researching on a hybrid car that will have wings. A lot more aviation companies have similar projects. PAL-V a Europe based company has already successfully tested a two-seat hybrid car.

The flying car will be small enough to fit in your garage and will be driven by a 300-hp engine and rotating 600-hp pods. It will reach speeds of above 200 mph when airborne. If the production costs go down and the car becomes affordable, everyone will own his or her flying car. The flying car will be operated like your normal vehicle. You will need to take refresher courses from a traffic school online and get a license to fly the car. Each of us could be flying to work and traffic snarl-ups in California would be a thing of the past.

The straddling bus

This innovative technology is being developed in China with an aim to deal with congestion and pollution resulting from many cars on the streets. The straddling bus will be a two-lane bus, 7 feet high that will allow cars to pass underneath it. It will use the existing road infrastructure to move from one place to another.

The bus could transport up to 1400 passengers on top of the other vehicles in the streets at over 40mph. It will have track lines to allow people to hop in and out of the elevated bus at designated stages with ease. This traffic-beating innovation could become a reality in California soon.

Deep flight Dragon

You could also travel from California to other parts of the world under the water surface with your Deep Flight Dragon. The futuristic personal submarine will be self-driving with the option of driving it yourself. Its quadcopter drone technology will allow for easy hovering and gliding in the water thereby using less energy.

The designer, Graham Hawkes, expects the submarine to be powered by a 15-kilowatt-hour battery pack that could last over six hours between charges. However, with the study on Thorium and other nuclear technologies, the submarine could be powered by this element. Eight grams of Thorium could run the entire lifetime of the car.

The future holds exciting ways for us to travel within California and to other cities in the world. A lot more technologies are expected to come up as these technologies become actualized.

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