Diagnosing poor online performance requires frequent check ups from a digital doctor – a reliable and credible digital marketing agency. It’s imperative to stay on top of your business’s online health so any problems can be detected with the proper care and solutions prescribed. You would not risk your own health by going to an unqualified health professional, so make sure you take the same care and obtain trusted advice for your online advertising and marketing activities by seeking out a reputable digital marketing agency.

When working closely with a “digital doctor” you will form a greater understanding as to how to best optimise your digital presence and solve any worrying online ailments – improving your business’ overall online health.

An Online Health Check Up

We asked a leading digital marketing agency for their expert advice on what basic metrics are important to measure, ensuring your online presence is performing at peak levels. Here’s what they said!

How Many Visitors Is Your Website Attracting

By executing a strong and healthy digital marketing campaign, ideally, you can expect your total number of website visits to increase at a steady rate, such as monthly. Your website needs to be the main target for any intended customers to land on. However, you can also measure the total number of visits to a certain page on your website, like a landing page, which would form part of the strategy for a pay per click activation.

If you start to notice traffic numbers have decreased, investigate what other strategies are currently implemented. That way, you can rectify the outcome and amplify what’s been working. Getting more visitors to your website will come down to trial and error – just ensure you’re implementing any key findings.

Regular Visitors Versus New Ones

With Google Analytics, you can determine the total number of new site visitors versus the same number of people revisiting your site. It’s a very helpful metric, as it helps you determine if your site is encouraging visitors to come back! It also assists you in ascertaining if your outreach is effectively reaching your demographics consistently.

For example, if you revise the content on your website quite substantially and the number of recurring visitors decreases, it indicates that your site has lost effectiveness in attaining frequent visitors. This metric will form part of your overall strategy though – as in, do you want to reach new users more often – or are you trying to get the same people visiting your website regularly.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rates enable you to determine how many visitors have come to your site and are exiting immediately, without having a more in-depth look around. Ideally, you want the bounce rate to be minimal as you would expect that, if someone is staying on your site for a long period of time, they are engaged in your content and interested in your service offering.

If they’re leaving asap, it could mean the quality of the traffic probably isn’t as targeted as it should be, so investigate your outreach strategies so you can get the right visitors to your site and their dwell time back on the up! A high bounce rate may even mean your content strategy needs revising, as it’s not as interesting to your desired demographic as it once was.

Cost Per Leads

This metric can differ depending on the type of strategy you have implemented, but ideally, you want this to be as cost effective (so low) as possible. This metric is also more specific versus the above mentioned ones. To decipher your cost per lead, divide the total cost of the monthly campaign by the total number of leads you acquired for that activation. Example; if you spent $1000 for a pay per click campaign for a month, and achieved 10 leads in that time based on that campaign, the cost per lead is $100.

We hope these simple metrics will help you ascertain how strong your online activations and strategies are performing, so you can get it back to good health – and don’t forget, make the time to see a trusted “digital doctor”. It’s worth it!

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