It is possible to keep your metal garage looking great and lasting long with only very few or zero repairs. You can be the envy of your guests whenever they park into your garage because of its spectacular look.

However, this cannot be achieved by doing anything, and outlined below are some useful tips on how to keep your metal garage looking timeless.1

1. A Floor Coating after a Couple of Years

Your garage floor is no doubt handling heavy traffic and spills. The car wheels will eventually leave their tire marks which can build up after a while and make the floor looking far from pristine and timeless.

You can always clean your floor using a degreasing detergent and even coat it with sealer after 2-3 years. This will ensure that your garage looks as good as new always.

2. Mark Your Parking Territory

Marking your parking space with either a hanging tennis ball or tape will ensure that you avoid bumping the walls of your garage when you edge too far. When you bump into your unit, you will not only cause damage to your unit, but you can also compromise its safety.

3. The Occasional Wipe-down

You will also need to rid your garage of dirt and dust from time to time, and nothing can do the job better than a round of soapy water. Give your garage a cleaning, both inside and outside regularly to maintain that clean and new look.

There is no substitute for cleaning; you will have to get down and dirty to get rid of all the accumulated dirt and dust.

4. Keep the Gutters and Downpipes Clean

The gutters and downpipes will allow drainage of water from your metal parking unit. Any water that overflows down to the walls is never a pretty sight. Make sure all your gutters and downpipes are in excellent condition and functioning always.

5. Always Sweep Off the Autumn Build-up

Cleaning the garage roof during the autumn season is important. Clean off the build-up of leaves and twigs that fall on your roof especially if your garage is among trees. When the build-up stays on too long, moisture will accumulate and cause pitting on the metal sheeting off your garage.

6. Set Your Garage on Higher Ground

When your garage is located on higher ground which slopes slightly away from it on all sides, you will avoid any moisture build-up. During rainy days, all the water will move away from your building, leaving it with no prolonged water contact with your metal shitting.

7. Seal the Openings

You can seal the opening of the doors and window areas of your garage using weather strips, to prevent dust and debris from getting inside, coating everything and making your breath “dusty air.” This will keep everything stored inside clean and free of dust.

8. Regular Inspections Will Do

It is important to do regular checks of your metal unit to detect anything that is wrong and correct it. Carefully check out for any signs of wear, damage, dirt or any malfunctioning with the doors or windows.

If you aren’t sure about a problem, you can always have an expert check it out. There are various steel garage WV experts that can help you out and recommend sound solutions.

It is true that metal garages are durable and with unquestionable strength, but they also need maintenance if you want them looking new and timeless. You have to put in some work if you want to show it off to your guests and envious neighbors proudly.

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