Adding captions to your photos can have a big impact. Not only can it give additional meaning to them, but it is also an attention magnet – and people can’t help but be drawn to and read captions.


However for your captions to be effective there are a few tips that you absolutely need to follow:


  • Make sure the colors contrast with the photo

The number one rule for effective captions is contrast. The color of your text must contrast with the rest of the photo so that your caption is immediately noticed.


The stronger the contrast between the text and your photo, the more it will stand out. That is why using complementary colors or contrasting between light and dark colors is a good place to start.


  • Emphasize important words or phrases

It can help to emphasize specific words or phrases in your caption that may be important and can act as an attention magnet. That can be done by using different types of contrast – chiefly the color, font, or size.


Keep in mind that you shouldn’t emphasize too many words or phrases within your caption, or it will start to look messy.


  • Break up the caption in the right places

Try to split up your caption into parts – but make sure you split it at the right point. The split should look natural, and group important words together so that they have the desired impact.


For example a caption on ‘6 Tips to Create Great Captions’ could be split into ‘6 Tips’ and ‘to Create Great Captions’, or even ‘6 Tips’, ‘to create’, and ‘Great Captions’. Longer captions may require multiple splits, and you may have to account for the available space in your photo too.


  • Position the caption carefully

Take care when you decide where you want to position the caption in your photo. But before that, figure out whether or not there is enough space in the photo itself – or whether you want to add bars above or below the photo (or both) to accommodate the caption.


To take full advantage of these tips you will need to be able to not only add words to pictures, but control their appearance – and possibly edit the photo in other ways. That is why it can help to use an actual photo editor, and for example you will find Movavi Photo Editor to be very useful in that regard.


If you do follow all the tips described above, your captions should be able to attract much more attention. On top of that they’ll be able to more effectively deliver their message as well, as people will be drawn to the most important parts of the captions that you’ve emphasized.

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